An entertainment event sponsorship proposal is a type of a proposal which is made by an individual or company to propose a sponsorship offer in order to organise an entertainment event. The proposal is sent to another company or entity which might be interested in being the sponsor. The proposal consists of a convincing reason for the recipient to accept the proposal and become a sponsor. A sample of an entertainment event sponsorship proposal is given below and can be used for reference.

Sample Entertainment Event Sponsorship Proposal

Date: 23rd of October, 2013


Mrs. Hillary Glow

Parson Entertainment & Events Pvt. Ltd.

3658, Borrow Towers, Gallows Street, Chicago, USA

Proposal Prepared and Presented by:

Mr. Jake Forbes

Vice Chairman, Gary Ballard Committee

4326, Banker Street, Hansen Ville

Gary Ballard Theatre Centre

Chicago, USA.

Agenda/ Subject of the Proposal:

The proposal is made in respect to an entertainment program that the committee is conducting in the theatre. The entertainment program will include performances by well-known artists/ performers with the aim of promoting political awareness in the attendees and the society.

Proposal Details:

  • The entertainment program will be conducted at the “Gary Ballard Theatre, Chicago”.
  • The Gary Ballard committee has arranged the program to create awareness about the political culture and political scenario in the state and the nation.
  • The event will see the presence of Chicago Drama Association, who will present plays/ dramas relating to the topic.
  • The committee is sending out this proposal to the entities like you, seeking sponsorship support from you for the organisation of this event. We will be pleased to have you stand by us and support the purpose.

If you are interested, kindly write back to us regarding the amount that you will be willing to give the organization for the event.

Thanking you

Jake Forbes