An environment project proposal is a document which highlights the salient aspects of an environment project during its planning stages. It serves as a blueprint guiding the smooth implementation of the project and thus must be written carefully in a well researched manner. It can be used as a reference during any stage of the project.

Sample Environment Project Proposal

Name of environment project: The Promotion of Paper Bags instead of the Use of Plastic.

Project conducted by: Green Scouts, Greenfields School, New Jersey

Proposal submitted by: Kevin Mckenzie, Head, Green Scouts

Proposal submitted to: The Principal, Greenfields School, New Jersey

Nature of project:

  • Through this project we intend to raise awareness among citizens regarding the hazards of the use of plastic.
  • We aim at promoting the use of paper bags instead which will be generated busing old newspapers.
  • Not only can students express their creativity in the design of such bags, this is a step towards environmental conservation.
  • In phase 1 of the project, we will hand out paper bags to shopkeepers in the vicinity of our school. These bags will be made by the students in the art classes. Workshops demonstrating the creation of paper bags will be organized.
  • We will monitor the use of these bags and we will request customers to ask for paper bags instead of plastic. In this way we hope to contribute in reducing the use of plastic bags.
  • Our students will set the example by eschewing plastic bags.

For more information, please contact: 764734675 [Nick Carter, Project Head]

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