An event advertising proposal is a proposal which is drafted by a company or a person to bring an occurrence of an event to the notice of people. This event advertising proposal shall be made in accordance to the event’s organizers interest on creating awareness about the event. This will include details about the events, the marketing strategies and many more. The advertisement about the event will be published in magazines, displayed in thickly populated areas, commercials etc.

Sample Event Advertising Proposal

Date of proposal: 25nd April 2009. 

Company submitting the proposal : John Louis advertising Co.

Company Receiving the Proposal : Charlottes and company, No: 124 Kensington Church Street, London, UK.

Event Advertising Proposal :

When issuing event advertising proposal we have guided methodologies to advertise the event given to us. Below are some of the methods and details of our event advertising process.

Client Correspondence:

We discuss with the clients on their requirements need and also suggest some strategies and methods based on our experience in the field of advertising.

Objective of Event Advertising Proposal:

  • The main purpose of the proposal is to target right audiences, and improve the competency and effectiveness of the event.
  • We will find you a good marketing solution at the best price of £5000 to £15000 depending on the size and nature of the event.

Methodologies Followed:

We offer our clients with best media marketing advertisements both indoor and outdoor like televisions, banners or internet which is beneficial for the particular event. We do the research on the kind of advertisement required for the particular event and discuss it to our client for arriving at good techniques. Any placard, wallpapers, posters, pictures will be taken at our cost. We shall also take care of giving advertisement in the magazines by getting in touch with concerned editors. Thanks and regards.

Further details can be obtained from our office at any time.