The event budget proposal is a necessary document that deals with the particular details relating to expenses and costs of an official event. The document considers all the probably costs that the company will have to bear in the event of hosting the event. This proposal should be created by a professional event planner and all financial aspects of the event must be covered.

Sample Event Budget Proposal:

The following Even Budget Proposal has been created for Macro Enterprises Ltd.

Name of Event Planner: Radical Events Co.

Event: Annual Business Conference, 2011

Projected Event Budget: $20,000

Date of Submission of Proposal: 3rd November, 2011

Purpose of Event Budget Proposal: Radical Events Co. has been hired by Macro Enterprises Ltd to plan and coordinate this year’s annual conference. This proposal covers the necessary expenses that will be incurred if and when the event takes place.

Event Budget Details:

Track Site Rent: $3400

Catering Costs: $5,000

Transportation costs: $1600

Entertainment Equipment Rent: $2000

Décor Expenses: $1000

Printing expenses: $900

Gift Package expenses: $5,100

Aims of Event Budget Proposal:

  • Radical Events Co. will ensure all the required arrangements pertaining to the event will be done by 7th January, 2012.
  • This proposal does not include the fees charged by Radical Events Co. for planning and coordinating the event.
  • The services fee will 20% of the total event budget which does not include added expenses and taxes.
  • The catering services will be provided by Radical Events Co. If Macro Enterprises Ltd has another catering service in mind, then the event planners must be notified immediately.

Radical Events Co. requests immediate approval from Macro Enterprises Ltd by 31st December, 2011.