An event business plan is a kind of a plan which is made by an event business company to suggest its clients how it plans to manage and organize an event.

An event business plan proposal is the name given to the written proposal which the event company sends to its client giving complete detail about how the event is planned and will be conducted. A sample of an event business plan proposal is given below and can be used for reference.

Sample Event Business Plan Proposal

Name of Event Company: Fredrickson Corporate events

Address of company: DW/556, pearls avenue, London

Contact number: 47039705, 47305095

Name of proposal presenter: Laurel Adams

Senior event manager, Fredrickson Corporate events

Proposal presented to: John William


Proposal presented on: 10th March 2014

Proposal submitted on: 12th March 2014

Status: approved

Proposal objective:

We have formulated a detailed plan for your upcoming corporate event and are presenting you its details through this proposal. Kindly approve or reject the proposal within 3 days.

Event business plan:

We plan to choose official as the theme of the event and would be setting up a stage for the launch of the product. We will be arranging for an event presenter along with 2 small entertainment shows of 5 minutes each between the 3 phases of the event.

Details of the plan:

The first phase shall consist of an official introduction of the company as well as the reason for the event. This phase will welcome all guests and business associates.

The second phase of the event will launch the product followed by champagne bottle opening.

The third phase of the event will thank all guests for being present and asking them to enjoy the lunch.

Time of event: 12 pm

Venue: Hilton Hotel

Date: 1st April 2014

Number of guests: 50