An event funding proposal is a written document prepared by an agency or organization to bring to the notice of the influential companies, the idea of an event to be organized for raising fund mainly.  The layout of this kind of proposal is aimed at earning funds through the event, which could be later utilized by them for a certain purpose.

Sample Event Funding Proposal

Name of the event: Reconstructing Lives

Date of the event: 26th November, 2011

Event Organizers: St. Stephens Philanthropic Society and Saviour Charity Home

Purpose: To provide academic help to orphans and school dropout youth

Event funding details:

  • The event will be held at the National Auditorium, San Francisco.
  • A four-hour programme is to be organized and sitting arrangements planned for 3000 audience.
  • The event will be inaugurated by famous socialist Penelope Middleton and a short cultural programme will follow, participated by the orphans and school dropouts.
  • Books and other school and college stationary items will then be distributed among them.
  • Admission forms will be given to orphans for admission in schools and to the less-educated and underprivileged youth for continuing their studies in colleges of their choice. Institution representatives will be present to guide them in the process.
  • Lectures will be given by professors on education.
  • All arrangements should be high on security, for everyone.

Estimated cost for the event: $ 25000

Last date for receiving funding forms: 2nd November, 2011

Publicity will start from 4th November, 2011, with media coverage by television and radio channels and also print media.

For further details contact:

Mr. Matthew Williams

Head of event planning and management

Reconstructing Lives

Contact Number: 45728413246720