An event insurance proposal is an insurance proposal for different kind of events like, exhibitions, musical concert, dance etc. The event insurance will cover any kind of miss haps, injuries, cancellation, death, accidents happened during the event. The proposal will detail about the type of coverage and the benefits of the event insurance plan. The event insurance proposal is drafted by the insurance company or an agent, for a potential client or company.

Sample Event Insurance Proposal

Date of proposal: 22nd march 2009.

Proposal submitted by: Archie Insurance services Pvt, Ltd

Proposal submitted to : Event manager, James event team, Co, No: 2, High street, Bray, Berkshire

Policy Coverage Details :

There are many benefits that the event insurance proposal holds for your company. The policy provides coverage with respect to various kinds of events for expenses incurred around £ 2500 wherein the premium ranges from £100 to £200 per event policy obtained.

Type of Events Covered by Our Insurance Policy :

  • Painting Exhibitions with revenue more than £100.
  • Trade shows, book fairs, jewelry, organic harvesting, kitchen gardening, and hand craft fairs.
  • Official dinners, gatherings, celebration, meetings etc.
  • Award ceremonies with expenses less than £ 300.
  • Fashion shows with expected turnover of 500-1000 people.
  • Charity events.
  • Weddings and reception parties.
  • Birthday parties with gathering not more than 500 people.
  • Housewarming parties.

Type of Covers :

  • This insurance protects against any mishap or damage to the attendees or the venue fixed by the attendee.
  • Any damage to the displayed articles during the fairs, paintings etc during the exhibitions shall be covered.
  • Any cancellation of the event due to the occurrence of natural calamities or accidents shall be duly covered.
  • The overall event cover and premium would be around £2500 and £20.