An event marketing plan proposal is a type of a proposal which is written or drafted to present a plan of event marketing to a higher official of a company.

The proposal is generally made by a marketing executive working in the company and must consist of various strategies and details of the marketing plan for an upcoming event.  A sample of an event marketing plan proposal is given below for your reference.

Sample Event Marketing Plan Proposal

Name of company: Tim Smartphones

Address of company: D-45, Fredrick lane, Jackson Avenue, Liverpool

Contact number: 473095057, 474309570

Name of proposal presenter: Darwin Jones

Senior marketing manager, Tim Smartphones

Proposal presented to: Tim Mathews

Owner, Tim Smartphones

Proposal presented on: 4th July 2014

Status: waiting

Proposal objective:

This is an event marketing plan proposal which I am framing in order to suggest strategies that can help I effective marketing of the upcoming Smartphone launch event on 1st august 2014.

Event marketing plan

We must target the social media to promote the event and create a general buzz among the youth and others about the Smartphone that is to be launched. We must also not forget to target newspaper reading audience and put up banners across the city to create an aura of mystery and excitement for the Smartphone.

Details of the plan:

  • We must set a team of 5 online marketers to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for creating awareness among people about the product launch event.
  • We must give 2 advertisements in UK Times and one in Liverpool Mid-day every week to inform people about the product launch event and thereby promote the Smartphone as well by revealing as little as possible.
  • We must put up banners and hoardings regarding the phone with a catchy tagline in Liverpool to increase visibility of the brand and event.

Estimated cost: $5000