Event marketing proposal is presented by an organization proposing the plan and need of an event’s marketing regulation. Hence, such kind of proposal should be constructed with effectiveness so that the plans are clear to the intended people and event is well executed.

Sample Event Marketing Proposal

Date of issuing the proposal: 5th July 2011

Title of the proposal: Proposal for event marketing management.

Event organizer: American Child welfare institute with the collaboration of American deaf and dumb society

Proposal created by: Miss Tennisa Lewis

Event Management- Head

Objective of the proposal:

A 3day event would be organized by American Child Welfare Institute with the collaboration of American Deaf and Dumb Society at New Horizon center. This is solely a fundraising event for children welfare. We wish participation of all the philanthropic organizations of America or world inorder to make this event a successful one. We would like to welcome all the investors as well who is eager to donate fund for this noble cause.

Therefore, we want to regulate the event marketing programs thoroughly so that this event receives enormous response and participation.

Plans for marketing regulation:

  • Advertisement of the event through newspaper, various television and radio channels.
  • Setting up strategical marketing policies so that maximum response could be achieved.
  • Organizing press conference prior to the event organization.

Last date for accepting the proposal: 6th August 2011

[Kindly note that proposal acceptance would not be entertained after the last date and it largely depends on first cum frits serve basis as well]