Event planning is a time sensitive and specific task of organizing an event where a little forgotten detail can also cause awry. Therefore, an event planner proposal is presented by the event planning organization as an essential document which proposes an event organizing plan and its cost to the intended client.

Sample Event Planner Proposal

Proposal Presented by: Royal Event Planner’s Organization

Proposal Presented to: Mr. D.K Lewis

Date of presenting the proposal: 5th June 2011

Purpose: Wedding Event of Sandra and Ryan

Approximate number of guest to be arrived in the wedding event: 500

Wedding Location: River Valley Church

63, Royal Street, South-west California, USA

[Just 15minutes from bride and groom’s place]

Wedding Celebration Place: River Valley Banquet Hall

63 A, Royal Street, South-west California, USA

Timings of the wedding Event:

  • Arrival of Guest: Within 12:30-1pm
  • Ring Ceremony: 1:15pm
  • Recitation of Wedding Prayers and Blessing Ceremony: 2pm-4pm
  • Wedding cake cutting ceremony: Till 5pm
  • Cocktails and wedding dance: 5pm-7:30pm
  • Dinner: By 8pm
  • Brides Farewell: 10pm

Planning for the event:

  • The flower arrangement in church and celebration place would be done with lilies and orchids.
  • Sitting arrangements in church and celebration place would be arranged by efficient sitting arrangement planners which would perfectly match with the décor of surrounding and would have ample space in between for free movement.
  • Wedding aisle, car and cake would be taken into proper consideration so that it is of top-notch quality.
  • Moreover, cocktail and dinner would be decided on a meeting prior the wedding event.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 4th June 2011