An Event proposal template is the initial step to plan for organizing an event. It is mandatory especially if the event management company is on the look out of a sponsorship. Therefore, the template should contain the reason for organizing the event and the estimated cost.

Sample Event Proposal Template

_________________ [reason for the event proposal]


________________ [name of the person to whom the proposal is being submitted]

_______________ [the planned date of the event in dd/mm/yy format]

Event outline:

____________ [name of the event]

____________ [subject on which the event is based]

_____________ [approximate length of the event]

Description of the event: ___________________________________________________________________________

[Here, the events main attraction points are to be described and it should also be mentioned why this event is special and will surely be a success]

Event Background:


[This section should answer questions like why does this event being held, who started this event first and how etc.]

Event Organizers:


[Name of the organizers, their backgrounds and contact details]

Statement of merit:


[The unique features of the event are explained here]

Audio Visual Requirements:


[Audio and Visual Aids like box speaker, overhead projector, LCD projector, CD or DVD player that are being used to organize the event are mentioned here]

List of activities                                                           Budget

______________________                                            ______________________

______________________                                           ______________________

______________________                                    ______________________

______________________                                        ______________________

[The activities being held in the event]         [The amount of budget allocated to each activity]

Total:                                                                        ______________ [total cost is to be mentioned here]



[Signature of the Head of the event organizing company]