An event sponsorship proposal letter is a document that outlines the proposal of a body to an established firm to sponsor a show holding some social creditability. The content of the letter must reveal the purpose of the show and give a protocol of the programs being decided by the body so that the organization can understand the value of its contribution.

Event Sponsorship Proposal Letter


Bon Bell,

Managing Director,

187.9 Radio Hotshot.

Subject: Event Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that our institution is going to organize a theatrical drama on 5th July, 2007 at Cultural Auditorium to mark the 130th birth anniversary of the famous theatre actor Berman Filly. Our students have taken the urge to pay a tribute to the extremely talented and brilliant artiste of the 20th century through this program. I am certain that this event would attract all the eminent people from the entertainment industry if it is properly canvassed. So I propose to your company to sponsor the event and help us reach our goal in spreading awareness.

We will conduct the four benchmark plays [list on next page] that were accredited by the Cultural Ministry Department and make the audience relive the moments once created by the ace actor. Since today’s generation is almost oblivious to the heritage formed by well-known artistes in the past decades, as propagators of education, it is our responsibility to keep them connected to their roots through this event. Hope you would cooperate with us in making it a success.

Thanking you,

B. Hosh,


Cultural School of Art

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