An event sponsorship proposal is a proposal which a person or entity sends to another person or entity proposing it to become the sponsor of an event. An event sponsorship proposal template on the other hand is a ready to use event sponsorship proposal which can be used as an actual proposal just by adding a few details and information to it. These templates have spaces left and can easily be customized or modified. A sample of an event sponsorship proposal template is given below for your reference.

Sample event sponsorship proposal template

Proposal prepared and presented by: __________________ [give the name of the proposal presenter and the company he/she represents]

Proposal presented on: _______________ [give the date in dd/mm/yy format]

Proposal presented to: ____________________ [give name and designation of the person to whom proposal is presented]

Proposal approved on: ___________________ [give the date on which the proposal is accepted or approved]

Proposal Statement:

[In a brief sentence or two, explain the main purpose of the proposal by citing its objective, its aim and what it wishes to achieve.]

Details of the event:

Date of the event: _________________ [give the date on which the event shall be held]

Time of the event: _________________ [give the time on which the event shall be held]

Venue: ___________________________ [give the location or the venue of the event]

Event description: _____________________ [give a brief description of the event]

Details of the sponsorship

  • _______________________________[explain how the sponsorship will be done]
  • _______________________________[explain the main benefits of the sponsorship for the recipient of the event]
  • _______________________________[give the amount which the sender is requesting the recipient to provide as sponsorship or mention what all services are being requested]
  • ________________________________[give all the other details of the event sponsorship proposal, if any]


Signature of the person sending the proposal is given here.