Facebook is one of the top social sites in the world used by millions of users of different countries all across the world. A facebook advertising proposal is a terse plan with coherent approach to market a particular service or a specific good. The advertising strategy is obviously designed and implemented with commercial motives. Either the company itself or a hired marketing house executes the job of advertising by first laying out the proposal and showcasing it to the concerned authorities of facebook.

Sample Facebook Advertising Proposal

Name of the company: Geometry Communications Private Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 90B Creek Square, Dover West Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Thomas Templeton

Estimated budget for the proposal incorporation: $10,000

Total time-frame for the advertisement to be displayed: 15 days

The pronounced mutual benefits from the proposal:

  • Building of a cordial relation in between the company and the Facebook.
  • The company getting a hugely popular social platform to showcase its goods and services to millions of Facebook users.
  • Facebook receiving the specified advertising charges and a good client.

The main working details of the advertising proposal:

  • The determining of the total web space required for the advertisement to be displayed for the period of 15 days.
  • The color, pattern, content, figure and related details of the advertisement are to be streamlined.

The primary objectives of the advertising proposal:

  • To increase the current customer base by 10%.
  • To increase the sales revenues to the tune of 25% in the next quarter.

Signature of the proposal manager: Mr. Jeremy Bridges