Facebook is a social networking site which effectively communicates people across the world. This site is also turning out as an important business marketing medium as one could regulate the process within a huge base of intended people. Therefore, Facebook marketing proposal should be constructed in a way so that it interests people and help the business to achieve maximum response.

Sample Facebook Marketing Proposal

Name of the company: Biocolor

Title of the proposal: Proposal for the advertisement of company through Facebook

Proposal prepared by: Mr. HS  D’Souza

Advertisement Management-Head

Date of issuing the proposal: 4th July 2011

Objective of the proposal

We are a specialized biotech company delivering best technologies to improve various life forms. Biotechnologist associated with us has proficient knowledge in the field and through their strategic planning they are creating new techniques for improving plant or animal life.

Biocolor is also specialized in cell culture of both plants and animals. This has taken us an edge over any other biotech companies. We want to make people aware of us worldwide through a friendly gesture. Therefore, we have chosen Facebook one of the most demanding social networking site as our medium of publicity.

What we expect:

  • We want to create an official page of our company in facebook through which we could pervade the latest news related to our company and development.
  • The page must contain innovative contents so that people find it interesting and we could achieve maximum likes and comments.

Proposal will remain valid till: 6Th August 2011