A fashion house often places the idea of hosting a fashion show in the form of a proposal, technically termed as a fashion event proposal, before another fashion-concerned company so as to influence it to provide some monetary inputs to help make the event successful. Such a type of proposal is generally in form of a written document so as to emphasize on every detail of the event and also be kept for future reference.

Sample Fashion Event Proposal

Name of the Event: Changing Trends Fashion Week, 2011

Date of the event: 9th September, 2011

Organizers for the event: Silverline Fashion House and Lewis Co.

Purpose of the event: To showcase the creations of promising designers who have been newly introduced in this fashion world.

Fashion Event details:

  • The event will be a five-hour long fashion show, hosted at the lounge of the Livestyle Hotel, New York.
  • Sitting arrangements are to be made for the accommodation of more than 1000 people.
  • It is to be inaugurated by famous fashion designer Mike Lewis welcoming all the new fashion designers and then each of their creations will be presented by their models.
  • The light and sound arrangements must be thoroughly checked as they are a vital part of the event.
  • The stage is to be decorated suitably, in keeping with the welcoming theme of the evening.
  • Security arrangements must be checked strictly and practiced for everyone present.

Estimated Budget: $ 1000000

Last date of getting sponsorships: 12th August, 2011

Publicity management by all television and radio channels and print media will start from 14th

August, 2011.

All sponsors are requested to contact at the earliest.

Contact Number: 59374566192890

Contact Website: www.changingtrendswithsilverline.com

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