Federal government is the perennial source for proposing grants to the non-profit organizations. However, in order to achieve a good response one must prepare an effective federal government proposal so that their request for proposals gets accepted.

Sample Federal Government Proposal

Proposal prepared by: University of Dentistry and Drug designing, New York

Proposal prepared for: Federal Government Relations services

Date of issued: 6th July 2011

Due date: 6th September 2011

Objective of the proposal:

University of Dentistry and Drug Designing of New York, Department of purchasing on the behalf of Department of Government Affairs are preparing this request for proposal. The intention of this proposal is to achieve the contract for the supply of a comprehensive spectrum of the Federal Government Relation Services.

Work scope:

On acceptance of this proposal, the contractor is supposed to work under the supervision of the Vice Chairman of the Government Affairs and should assist the university in fulfilling their objectives. This work should include strategic planning, monitoring and examining of the legislations, dealing with public policies etc. All this required services has to be fulfilled by the contractor on acceptance of the contract. They must provide effective approaches in addressing public policies on the request of the concerned authority.

Liability for Cost:

University bears no responsibility and liability for cost that would be incurred by the bidders in the submission of proposal in response to this.

Estimated budget for this contract: $ 35000 approximately has been estimated for achieving the contract.

Contract Term:  3 years from the date of acceptance.