A fellowship research proposal presents a brief overview of the ideas developed in a research paper and informs the concerned authority about the researcher’s line of argument. It is specifically written to convince the reader to award a fellowship grant to the researcher so as to accomplish their work without facing any financial hurdles. A fellowship research proposal thus must be tailored around the fellowship being offered and must be worded in a way that it both explains ones research work and endorses oneself to the grant committee.

Sample Fellowship Research Proposal

Research Topic: Tracing and unearthing voices of marginalized women.

Fellowship Research Proposal Presented To: Adrienne Rich Foundation For Marginalized Women, University of New York.

Objective: To trace and unearth voices of women that has been silenced over the ages. The research aims to re-read history and traces suppressed voices and brings them to the fore so as to rewrite and foreground the story of these women in an essentially male dominated historical framework.

Research Proposal Overview: The research project probes into the various nooks and corners of these women’s lives and attempts to present an ethnography that would relocate these silenced voices into the pages of history. The work undertakes re-looking and tracing even the minutest scribbling available from the everyday quotidian existence of these women like cook books, personal diaries, household records, music collection, collection of books, notebooks and oral memories of their acquaintances and thereby, intends to reconstruct their lives and eventually reconfigure historicity.

Tentative Research Time Frame: November 24, 2010 – November 24, 2015.

Estimated Research Budget: 250000$.

Funding Status: The research is being partially funded by the University of Texas.

Proposal presented by: Sandra Erickson, Junior Research Scholar, University Of Texas