A finance research proposal is a document consisting of a proposal on research of financial matters. It must be encoded with expert advice so that the firm does not have to face financial losses. Corporate finance is an advanced course taught in higher classes that cover investment plans and analysis, market risk assessment and inventions of security plans.

Sample Finance Research Proposal

Name of the firm: Sutherland Stock Exchange Company

Proposal given by: Rim Clarke, Marketing Head

Dealings of the company: Corporate and market finances

Average dealings made in a month: 1000

Stakeholders: Gorge Oil Company, Fester Consultancies and Bell Jewellers.

Finance proposal given to: Zen Southwick, Finance Executive, Gestalt Finances

Subject of finance research proposal: We want your company to assess and examine the financial transactions taking place within and outside our company and give us a detailed report along with a small synopsis of the present conditions.

Objective to be achieved: We want to know the current rates as well as the new developments introduced in the stock exchange market in detail so that we can take our next step with adequate knowledge and deliberation.

Principle of the company: We first find out and study the different business matters and customer requirements. Only after a detailed examination of all the finance related affairs and company exchanges do we contemplate on our next move.

Topics of finance research include the following:

  • Market acceptance
  • Market competition rate
  • Annual financial losses due to turnover
  • Annual revenues incurred
  • Gross income of the company
  • Number of customers
  • Number of monthly exchanges

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