A financial proposal format refers to the basic guidelines which help to create a financial proposal. A financial proposal can be written for a variety of purposes like getting a loan, seeking investment etc, and depending on the objective, the content of the proposal will change. However, there are certain instructions which one can follow in order to include all the necessary points that must be there in any financial proposal like why is the proposal made, how much funds are required and for what purpose. By taking into account these instructions, one can then modify or create the content of a financial proposal.

Sample Financial Proposal Format:

Title of proposal: _____________

Proposal presented by: __________

Date of presenting the proposal__________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of the financial proposal must basically mention the nature of the project for which the proposal has been made. By giving this introduction, the proposal maker lets the financial body know what it deals with and this must be followed by stating the purpose of the proposal, that is, why it requires the money.

Second paragraph: The second para must go on to describe the proposal in details and say how the funds will be used and what is the strategy of the company with reference to utilization of the funds. This para mainly describes the methodology and plan of action to be taken by the company and inform who will be in charge of carrying out these strategies.

Third paragraph: The final para must conclude the proposal by mentioning the deadlines and amount of funds required.