A financial proposal letter is a financial proposal made in the form of a letter, seeking funds for a particular purpose. A financial proposal is a document which is prepared in order to request financial companies to provide money for a project or other purposes. These documents can be created in various formats, one of which is a letter format. Since it is a letter, it has all the elements one sees in a letter, where someone is addressed to and requested for the funds. The body of the letter consists of details of why are the funds required and how the seekers plans to utilise those funds.

Sample Financial Proposal Letter:


Arthur Jennings

Head of finances,

Kiwa Financial Co,

23 Northwood Drive, Utah

Subject: Request for funds for expansion project

Dear Mr Jennings,

With reference to our discussion which took place on December 2, 2011, I would like to make a formal financial proposal seeking funds from your company for the expansion of my stores across the states.

As you already know, our stores are doing very well and are very successful and popular among the people as we provide a wide variety of products under one roof at competitive prices. Keeping this in mind, we are looking forward to increase the number of stores in the state by 20% and for this we need an amount of $150,000 from your organisation.

We hope you agree to the proposal and we can discuss more details of the deal in the next stage.

Yours truly,

Jonathan Alan Andrews

WestEnd Stores, Utah

Date: December 10, 2011