A financial proposal template refers to the fundamental structure on the basis of which a financial proposal is created. A financial proposal is a document which is used to make a presentation to seek finances for a project or general operations of an organisation. In order to receive the funds, the proposal must describe why the funds required are and how much money is needed for the success of the project. The starting date and the deadline of the project must also be mentioned. The financial proposal template has these side headings which one can refer to and fill up the empty spaces with the necessary information.

Sample Financial Proposal Template:

Name of company: [Mention the name of the company making the proposal]

Address: [Insert address of company]

Financial proposal prepared on: [Add date of making the proposal]

Proposal prepared by: [Name and designation of the person preparing the proposal]

Proposal submitted on: [Date of formal submission of proposal]

Proposal name: [Give name or title of proposal]

Purpose: [Describe the purpose for which the proposal is created and why the funds are required.]

Details of Financial Proposal:

  • [Describe in bullet points the plan of action, the methodology and the various strategies to be applied in order to make the project successful]
  • [Also describe how the funds will help the organisation to complete the project. Mention date of commencement of the project and the deadline.]

Estimated cost of the project: [Give the estimated cost figures required for the project]

Funds requested: [Mention amount requested for the project]