A follow-up proposal letter is an official request for recording a follow-up version of certain news or condition. Follow-ups are required to get a complete understanding of the situation that is conducted to establish a report on an existing state of affairs. Thus, it should be written by referring to the earlier conditions and the connections between the former and latter states.

Sample Follow-up Proposal Letter


Venn Grossman

Deputy Director

Homeland Orphanage

Subject: Follow-up Proposal Letter

Respected Sir,

I, Sarah Jove, investigative journalist with The Daily newspaper, want to report on the present condition of the organization and the health of the inmates as a follow-up study of the news made on this issue (published on 3rd January, 2011). As it had come to our notice that your organization is being deprived of the basic allowances as promised by the government for care of the orphaned children, I had covered the story to bring it to the attention of the world. The government had recognized the financial problems faced by your institution at the time and vowed to put forward help.

Two months have passed since the coverage of the news and therefore, I am keen to know the extent of the improvements made and level of assistance provided to your organization with respect to the educational growth and physical development of the children. As this is a part of the public’s right to information, I request you to kindly send us an account of the present standard of living as precipitated by the state acts.

Thanking you,

Sarah Jove,

News Reporter,

The Daily

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