A footwear design proposal relates to a document that enumerates the different new prototypes of footwear. This is a professional document and hence the information needs to be organized formally and carefully. The proposal is presented by a footwear designing company elucidating their plans to their prospective customer and clients so as to receive maximum acceptance.

You can Download the Free Footwear Design Proposal form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Footwear Design Proposal is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Footwear Design Proposal:

Footwear Design Proposal

Download Footwear Design Proposal

Name of Company presenting the footwear design proposal: Shoes and Us, Inc.

Date of Submission of Footwear Design Proposal: 14th November, 2011

Name of Company for which Footwear Design Proposal is being submitted: More Shoes Pvt. Ltd.

Footwear Designers proposal made by: Jimmy Chung, Elizabeth Monroe

Purpose of Footwear Design Proposal:

  • The current fashion trend has brought back suede footwear into the market. This footwear design proposal shows the various possible designs and types of footwear than can be created adhering to the latest trends in fashion.
  • The possibility of profit for selling suede footwear is high. There is a huge demand in the market for suede footwear, especially men’s footwear.
  • The cost of creating and distributing footwear will come around $4 million USD. This is not exclusive of our fees and other associated costs which can be negotiated after the acceptance of this proposal.

Date of commencement of footwear production: 19th January, 2012

Date of completion of footwear completion: 20th September, 2011

We hope our proposal is sufficient to begin a new and fruitful business relationship. We look forward in providing quality services for the success of this project.