A formal project proposal is a document which outlines the main tenets of a formal proposal, which can be proposed by an individual to a company, educational institute or any other sort of institution. The formal project proposal must outline the purpose of the project, its requirements, probable impact and other details like funds, source of materials and so on. Care should be taken to ensure that the formal project proposal is a comprehensive document and free of errors.

Sample Formal Project Proposal

The following is an extract from the formal research project proposal sent in by M. Phil. Student Dale Stanley, of the Department of English, Auckland University to Supervisor Jonathan Cullen, Ph.D., Oxon.

Duration of project: 2 years.

Budget allocated for research: Greenlam Scholarship by the British Council.

Project outline: This project is aimed at creating a data base of information regarding the Jewish Diaspora across the Mediterranean and to mark certain cultural traits that can be used to read back into the Holocaust.

Project requirements:

  • Concrete collectible data about migration patterns for the last 100 years, to be obtained from Jewish Community Centers across the Mediterranean Seaboard.
  • Tabulation and analysis of the data thus collected and collation into certain identifiable traits which can then be used to explain certain features of the Holocaust.
  • Access to a great deal of holocaust literature that has dealt with this issue though not in the same vein.

Expected date of completion of project: Dec 2014.

This Project is a part of the Annual Greenlam Projects for Excellence Grant Scheme.