The purpose of a formal proposal letter is to introduce a certain product or business idea to potential business clients or affiliates. The letter bears detailed information about the products or services thus launched and intend to inform and influence investors to the maximum degree. The letter must acquaint the concerned addressee with the services or products offered and thereby, elicit their approval in investing on the proposal.

Sample Formal Proposal Letter


Steve Ferguson,

General Manager,

ABCD Books Distributors Private Limited,

14/C, Baker Street,


Dear Sir,

Subject: Proposal to introduce a new series of children’s literature in translation.

This letter is to inform you that we have conceived of a new series of children’s literature in translation that is slated for release this year at the London Book Fair.

The series comprises of some of the best vernacular children’s literature across the world. We have roped in esteemed translators like Susie Burns, Joanna Henderson, Alex Tribbiani and Leonardo Sorcesse to translate classic children’s literature from all over the globe in English. We wish to tap in the new children’s leadership created by the Harry Potter series and would like to introduce the English reading public to other forms of children’s literature nourished in other parts of the world. Our first series includes a host of adventure, fantasy and bedtime stories gathered from India, Russia, Spain, Africa, Srilanka, Pakistan and China. Depending on the reception of this series we would like to follow this up on a regular basis with more vernacular literatures.

The entire project is of 25000$ and we would be highly glad to ally with your company and have our books displayed and sold at your stores. For more information about the proposal you may feel free to contact us at the information given below and we shall be happy to discuss this further in details.

Awaiting an affirmative response,

Yours Faithfully,

Jane Eyre,

XYZ Publications,

Hyde Street,