Since a formal research proposal aims at informing and influencing the approval of the concerned authority about ones research ideas, it must be composed with the utmost care and concentration. It acquaints the authority with the basic premise and arguments to be illustrated in the research project. As it is an important tool to attain funding and approval, it must be accurately worded, succinct and comprehensive.

Sample Formal Research Proposal

Formal research proposal title: Study of child psychology behind suicides.

Proposed by: Melissa Swan.

Presented to: University of psychological studies, New York.

Statement of purpose: The recent increase in suicide rates among children is extremely alarming. The research proposal aims to probe into the psychological depths of a child’s mind and attempts to understand and unearth the reasons that goad one to take such drastic steps. The signs by which one may identify suicidal tendencies will be studied and the process by which one may help one come out of a suicidal mindset will be elaborated.

Hypothesis: The research is based on a case study approach. A few of the recent cases are studied closely and a pattern is sought in order to identify behavioral patterns and circumstantial experiences undergone by the victims and thereby understand the causes that play behind driving a child to commit suicide. The symptoms that are found to be common in all these cases will be noted so as to chart a plan of action that might be undertaken to help one overcome depression and restore normalcy.

Relevance: The project aims to have a social impact and educate parents and elders in handling children prone to depression and thereby help reduce suicidal rates.

Project cost: 1800$.

Date: April 2, 2012