A free insurance proposal is a free document available to everyone which presents a proposition by the government or any private company’s about sharing different types of risks associated with one’s health or assets. In a free insurance proposal, the insurance firm makes an offer to the interested policy holder where the firm describes how the person will benefit from the policy and how will his assets remain secured value-wise in case there is an attack, injury accident or robbery. In order to get insurance services, the policy holder will have to pay a premium amount regularly which must be mentioned in the proposal. The proposal must also include any additional rules or laws related to insurance and benefits.

Sample Free Insurance Proposal:

Name of insurance firm: Cover for all Inc

Address: 234 Pine Drive, Baltimore

Insurance proposal prepared on: February 12, 2012

Proposal prepared by: John Sanders

Insurance agent, Cover for all Inc

Proposal submitted on: February 15, 2012

Proposal signed and approved by: Gary Richards

Regional Manager, Cover for all Inc

Policy name: Live Healthy Policy

Purpose: The purpose of this insurance proposal is to motivate people to have a healthy lifestyle and make them aware of the various benefits of this insurance policy so that they may be secured and stress-

Details of Free Insurance Proposal:

  • We will start the campaign from the March 1, 2012 followed by a press conference
  • The policy will focus on a healthy lifestyle and low premium rates

Estimated cost of the project: $200,000

Amount requested: $100,000