A free marketing proposal is a document which contains an offer by a company or an individual or a conglomeration to a client or customer with regards to the marketing and publicity of a particular event/product/institution in which the latter has a stake. A free marketing proposal must be a formal document sent for approval by the client, and hence care should be taken as to how it is written. The term ‘free’ ensures that the proposal is sent free of cost to the client and charges will be applicable once the proposal is accepted.

Sample Free Marketing Proposal

Date of submission of marketing proposal: 23rd June 2012.

Marketing proposal prepared by: SilexScintillans Pvt. Ltd.

Marketing proposal submitted to: Somy Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.

Product to be marketed: Motion Picture “Love and Life”.

Salient features of the free marketing proposal:

  • The marketing proposal includes publicity of the film and all pre- and post-release events and functions.
  • Our core team will establish tie-ups with the PR agencies handling the Hollywood stars and actors who are part of the movie to ensure their presence during these publicity event ensuring greater visibility and interest that shall be generated in the minds of the audience.
  • There will also be a number of events and schemes to draw in direct audience participation in the publicity campaign with merchandize and other products on sale, which will also increase visibility and audience interest in the film.
  • The cast and crew of the film shall also make television appearance in popular reality television shows to generate a buzz.