A free project proposal is a document which contains a brief version of a particular project which is sent by an individual or a company to another establishment for analysis and inspection and approval. The free project proposal must be carefully written and it must encompass all the important details of the project. The document is a formal document which should ensure that any doubts regarding the project are cleared, especially the concern of funding as the concerned project is done free of cost. The document must also be free of errors and written in an appropriate style.

Sample Free Project Proposal

Date of submission of free project proposal: 23rd June 2012.

Project proposal prepared by: Ministry of Water Resources, Government of Kenya

Project cosponsored by: UNAISI

Nature of free project proposal: To ensure the supply of free and clean drinking water throughout the country of Kenya, as a part of the UNAISI project of Water for All.

Allocated budget: 500 million USD.

Funds provided by: UNAISI and the Government of Kenya.

Salient features of the free project proposal:

  • The project shall kick-start in the year 2012, and should be completed by the year 2013.
  • This project will ensure that every part of the country shall have access to clean and free drinking water which is not the case now.
  • The project shall be collaboration between the UNAISI and the Government of Kenya, and it will be a public venture.
  • Funds are also welcome from other non-governmental sources but will have to be approved by the concerned ministry.

For more details of the project, please visit our website at: www.waterforall.unaisi.com