A free proposal letter template is a document which contains an outline of the manner in which a free proposal is to be presented in an epistolary form. The template provides the basic outline which can then be improved upon or refined by the sender of the letter. The free proposal letter must take care to be free of errors and as detailed about the proposal itself as possible. It must be thoroughly professional in tone and written with attention paid to its style and format.

Sample Free Proposal Letter Template


_____________ [name of recipient]

______________ [address line 1]

______________ [address line 2]

Subject: Free Proposal Letter

Respected _____________ [name of addressee]

This mail communication is in connection to the presentation of my proposal before you for _____________ [mention the name of the proposal], based on ____________ [mention some of the factors or the premise from which the proposal emerges]. The proposal includes a budget of ____________ [mention the budget of the proposal] and is expected to be completed within _____________ [mention the duration of the proposal]. The benefits to be accrued from the acceptance of this proposal include ________________________ [provide a list of advantages which the recipient shall derive from by accepting the proposal].

I hope you will seriously consider my proposal and respond soon. I am looking forward to your reply and I hope we can establish a fruitful working relationship very soon. In case you are dissatisfied with the proposal, I request you to return the abstract.

Thanking You

______________ [name of sender]

_______________ [address]