The free research proposals are the ones that are available free of cost over the internet. These proposals can be downloaded and can be customized as per one’s needs. These free proposals basically set the framework based on which an actual user can draft his own research proposal. Owing to its high importance, the free research proposals should be crisp, to-the-point and free from errors.

Sample Free Research Proposal

Research topic: Movie adaptations of classic literary texts.

Objective: The research paper attempts to review popular movie adaptations of classical literary texts and analyze them as a new interpretation of the literary text that further adds on to its meaning.

Methodology: The research paper employs the reader/response theory of literature and applies it to probe into the techniques of celluloid adaptations of literary texts. The paper takes into account some of the very popular movie adaptations of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen novels and tries to read into the politics of exclusion and inclusion to bring forth a new understanding of the texts. The audience response to the movies is also taken into account to gauge the interpretation of the cinematic representation and see how far it has been able to connect with the reading audience.

Overview: The research paper traces the contemporary reception of the movies at their release, the kind of reviews they received and thereby attempts to connect it with the audience response it receives in the recent times. The paper also offers a comparative study of different versions of movie adaptations of the same text attempted over the years and tries to figure the layer of meaning it attaches to the text.

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