A freelance project proposal outlines the overview of a freelancing project which includes objectives and role of the particular project in detail. This is a document that basically chooses the highest bid for the particular project and accepts the freelancer to complete the job effectively within the stipulated time interval.

Sample Freelance Project Proposal

Name of the project: Thoughtful Editing.

Person heading the project: Miss Serina Christina Robert

Date of publishing the project: 5th August, 2011

Purpose of the proposal:

The proposal has been specially designed to provide details of a particular project posted online and collect freelancers for the job within some given interval of time. It is to be ensured that the chosen freelancer has a complete and proper idea regarding the concerned job and would perform the job effectively at minimum costs.

Project overview:

  • The project is required to appoint freelancers who would perform the task of editing a novel that has been originally written by Miss Serina Christina Roberts, under the name “Rising Levels”.
  • This particular project deals with the theme of environmental degradation and a comprehensive research of the various factors involved. The book, however, needs to be edited in some parts, as demanded by the publishing houses.
  • It has been included time and again in the proposal that the basic content of portions to be edited should remain same even after editing and experienced freelancers should take up the job so as to avoid any unwanted errors.

Estimated budget: $900

Work will start from: 19th August, 2011

Time limit for completion of the project: Maximum 1 month.

We hope to hear from you at the earliest.