A Funding proposal template is the layout of the funding proposal document which is being used while proposing any fund request. Such kind of proposal should effectively depict the objective behind the collection of fund. This would help the people to understand the cause and necessity of the fund that is being requested for.


Sample funding proposal template

Name of the company/person _______________________________________ [mention the name of the company or person requested for fund]


Reason for fund request _____________________ [mention the reason for fund request by the company or individual]


Intended people ________________________________________________________________________

[Mention who is the intended people requested for the funding proposal]


Fund needed _________________________________ [mention the total amount of fund needed to fulfill the particular purpose]


Fund collected already ____________________________ [mention the amount of already collected fund]


Fund contributors till date _________________________ [mention the names of the people who have already contributed fund for the cause]


Any campaigns to be made for collection of fund _____________________________________________________________________

[Mention if there is any plan of hosting a fund collection campaign inorder to accumulate large number of fund for the cause]


Fund collection publicity _____________________ [mention the publicity procedures which would be regulated for making the fund collection process more effective]


Last Date of fund proposal acceptance ____________________ [(dd/mm/yy) mention the last date of fund proposal approval after which the proposal acceptance would not be counted]


Special line ________________ [Give a motivating line which would make the intended people to contribute fund for the cause]



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