Funding research proposal is presented by the researcher or scientist for the purpose of raising funds in order to complete their research work successfully. Thus, such kind of proposal must essentially enunciate the scope and indispensable points of a research work which can motivate the intended audience and maximum fund could be raised for completing the research work.

Sample Funding Research Proposal

Proposal for fund request for the research work on “Water Management and Purification Technology”

Proposal presented by: Marie Claire

Research Scientist- Department of Hydro conservation

National institute of Hydro conservation technology and research

Proposal submitted on: 5th June 2011

Overview of the research work:

Through my research work I have developed an efficient plan on “Water Management and Purification Technology”. For this research work, I have involved few strategies which are as follows:

  • Implementing new ways for utilization of turf grass germplasm for increasing the use and efficiency of the water. This would also help to obtain quality drinking water for the society.
  • Implementing purifying techniques which would kill the germs and microorganisms present in the water.
  • Thorough evaluation of the poor quality and non-potable water in order to reduce its effect in the environment. Even finding out possible water management strategies so that it could be used for serving various water related purposes.

Total cost required for accomplishing the research work successfully: $25000

Funds Collected till date: $20000

Timeline for research work completion: Maximum of 2 years

Kindly submit your acceptance for this proposal within 15days so that research work could be carried out efficiently.