A fundraising consultant proposal is a document which is specifically framed by a fundraising expert or consultant so as to place a proposal or offer for a company that is interested in raising funds for a charitable cause. Most of the times, these proposal are framed for non-government organizations or charity groups.

Fundraising consultants help these groups to devise better ways to raise more funds and give them proper guidance and help regarding the same. The proposal can be thus accepted or rejected by the charitable group depending upon the offer made by the fundraising consultant. A sample of one such fundraising consultant has been provided below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Fundraising Consultant Proposal

Fundraising consultant name: Mathew Perry

Official address: W-90, first floor, Roger’s enclave, J Street, London

Contact number: 43750935805

Charitable organization name: 2014 flood victims Org.

Proposal prepared and presented by: Mathew Perry

Proposal presented on: 4th May 2014

Proposal presented to: Billy Jones, Chairman 2014 flood victims Org.

About the fundraising consultant

I, Mathew Perry am a fundraising consultant with exceptional experience at raising money for charitable causes and have been working on contractual basis in this field for over 8 years. I help NGOs and other charitable trusts to raise money for noble causes by conducting seminars, fundraising events etc.

Proposal statement:

I would love to be of use to this noble cause of raising funds for the flood victims of the UK floods, 2014 and offer my services to you for 2 months’ time period.


  • I plan to organize a fundraising event for the company at which top business men and personalities would be invited.
  • I shall provide you with guidance and help regarding raising funds and would start working as soon as you accept this proposal.

Estimated cost of fundraising plus fee: $2000