A fundraising event proposal is a layout that illustrates the plan of organizing an event for raising funds that would be distributed among the poor and needy. It is normally prepared by fundraising organizations to present it before financially potential personnel, companies or business houses that would be interested to be a part of such charity shows and contribute to the pitiable section of the society.

Sample Fundraising Event Proposal

Name of the Event: Supporting You Always, 2011

Date of the event: 17th September, 2011

Event Organizers: Best Wishes Fundraising Organization and Dancing World Co.

Venue for the event: The Supreme Hall for Cultural Excellence, LA.

Purpose: To fund the studies of orphans with the profits generated from the show.

Detailed plan of the event:

  • The event will be an evening show dedicated to the presentation of different dance forms from all over the world, performed by famous dancers of the country and their respective troupes.
  • The duration of the entire programme would be 7 hours, including a 1 hour interval in between the two slots – the former being oriental and the latter western and ballroom dance forms.
  • Lights and sound arrangements are to be given special importance as they are to change with every performance.
  • Strict security system is to be enforced as important people and children will be present.

Estimated Budget for the event: $ 45000

Last date of collecting sponsorships: 22nd August, 2011

All interested sponsors are requested to submit their forms at the earliest, as selection would be done on first-come-first-served basis.

For further details contact:

Jennifer Rose

Head of event planning and management

Supporting You Always, 2011

Call: 47396130293360

Contact Website: www.supportingyouandbestwishes.in

Proposal signed by-


[Jennifer Rose]

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