A fundraising project proposal is created when a certain establishment, commercial or non-commercial, decides to throw a fundraiser for a particular issue or event. The people or company hired for the fundraiser; therefore, need to create a proposal in order for the company to initiate the process of execution. This proposal must contain the step by step processes that need to be completed in order to create a successful fundraiser. It is important to gain proper information regarding the issue on which this is being created. There can be various approaches such as in terms of theme, setting, entertainment etc.

Sample Fundraising Project Proposal

Fundraiser for: Orphan Children in Ukraine.

Fundraiser hosted by: WE CARE FOR U Co.

Proposal created by: Goth & Sons Ltd.

Proposal date: 23.4.11.

Purpose of fundraiser: To raise enough funds for the orphan children living in the Ukraine. The NGOs in that country do not have enough finance to build their own orphanages or support and provide facilities to a large number of orphans.

Fundraiser Proposal Details:

Theme: Use of Ukraine Circus to emphasize child-like pleasures that the orphans are being bereft of.

Ticket Prices: $400.

Food: Per plate cost will be $300.

Beverages: First $100 will be free after which the guests will be required to pay.

Presentation/ Entertainment:

  • Representatives of the Ukrainian NGOS will be speaking for 30 minutes.
  • A 20 minute documentary and slide show will be shown right after.
  • Request for donations will be made at the end.

Last date for response to proposal: 23.5.2011.