A funny love proposal is used to express one’s love for one’s beloved in a humorous way. Often love proposals become very emotional and they tend to be full of angst. There is another way of making a proposal and that is to make it funny. Humour is regarded to be the most attractive quality in any person, boy or girl, and so while proposing one can add a touch of fun so that both parties have a laugh over it. It does not mean that the proposal becomes trivial but many earnest thoughts can be shared in a funny way. The only difference between a funny love proposal and any other love proposal is that it expresses the love in a jovial way that creates a light atmosphere.

Sample Funny Love Proposal:


Phillip Matthews

922 Waco Road,

San Antonio

Dear Phillip,

You have seen me with a runny nose and still found me cute and I have seen you cry after a basketball game and still found you adorable. We have had our bad and good days and have seen the worst and best in each other. All this makes realise that I am little crazy about. What do you feel about crying and laughing together the next time your team loses or when I sneeze my nose out? You are the cheese in my sandwich, the bulb in my lamp, you are the biggest goofball ever but you are always there for me. I love you and you better accept my proposal!

With love,


29 West Wind Drive


January 12, 2012