A funny wedding proposal must be laced with wry humor. It is a matter of taste but works wonderfully well depending on the nature of both the proposer and the object of affections. It takes a special person to appreciate a humorous wedding proposal and the humor must be tempered with sincerity and love.

Sample Funny Wedding Proposal

Dear Laura,

I know that the line for your affections is long, but I can only hope that my humble and unassuming self may elicit a little attention. When you have done preening and gloating over your conquests for the day, will you take some time out to marry me? I can offer you a small house with a picket fence, like they have in children’s picture books, as well as a monthly salary of $2000. I can also solemnly promise that I shall be your slave for the days to come, if only you will say yes to me now. Think of the offer in pure practical terms, it is the best you will ever get.

By the way, I do love you, in case you were wondering. But that is hardly of any consequence to you, since almost everyone who meets you professes the same thing. But in case you turn out to be the old fashioned romantic at heart, let me assure you that I can play that role well enough too. The very idea of a house with a picket fence should assure you about my potential in that direction. Do let me know what you decide.

Your ‘Man on a Mission’,


Date: 20th June 2011