A general manager job proposal is the document which a candidate prepares to propose his/her employment for the position of a general manager in a company. In the proposal the individual gives his details in an impressive manner so as to convince the employer that he is an ideal candidate for the job. A sample is given below.

Sample General Manager Job Proposal

Date: 7th August, 2014

Personal Details:

Name: Anthony Adams

Correspondence Address: 436, Norman Street, Holly Ville, Lower Manhattan, New York, United States of America.

Contact No.: 346236631

Current Job Position held: Marketing Manager



  • Under this proposal I am proposing that I be appointed to the position of the general manager in this company where I have served for 7 years at various positions.
  • I am not only aptly qualified for this position but also well experienced and familiar. I hold an MBA degree in marketing and have also completed several certification courses in finance, marketing and computers to improve my skills.
  • As the regional marketing manager, I have been managing the whole western leg of the organisation and would now like to enter the centre with the general manager position.
  • I have several great ideas to promote the profit making opportunities of the organisation and to garner a bigger market share.
  • I have a good rapport with most of the employees of this company and can use this to my advantage and to the advantage of the company.
  • I possess strong interpersonal skills, managerial abilities and knowledge of the industry as well


Details of the Company:

Name: Garner Rick Enterprises Ltd.

Head Office: 25, Barbate Street, City Square, Washington DC, United States of America.

Contact No.: 365745754

Web Address: rick-garner-enterprises.com

Date: 23rd January 2014



Mr. Anthony Adams

Regional Vice President

Western Offices