A golf event proposal is a document which contains the proposal for the planning, implementation and execution of a golf event. It is usually presented by the company organizing the event to the company sponsoring it. A golf event proposal must address all the important issues that are relevant to the event, like space, number of participants, and availability of equipment and so on. It should be clear and concise, and provide an idea of how the organizer will proceed with the golf event.

Sample Golf Event Proposal:

Golf event proposal presented by: Events Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of golf event proposal: 12th June 2011

Golf event proposal presented to: McGill Premium Blended Liquor.

Nature of the golf event:

  • This golf event is a charitable event which will be attended by the best golfers of the country.
  • It shall be a forum for collection of funds to aid undernourished children in the Tri State area.
  • The golf event shall therefore require perfect arrangement and heavy security cover, as many VIPs and guest invitees shall be present.

Our budget for the golf event proposal: 300,000USD

Our previous work experience: The Stella Fashion Ball on the 4th of April every year, from 2001 onwards, McGill’s Tennis Event, and other major charitable events.

Arrangements that we shall take responsibility for if our proposal is accepted:

  • Arrangements for the security cover of the Z category invitees.
  • Arrangements for adequate caddies, golf carts, and other equipments.
  • Arrangements for tea and refreshments for the invitees, and participants.

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