A government contract proposal is a sort of agreement between the government and any individual or organisation through which the organisation which has received any help from the government agrees to repay the government in cash or kind. A government contract proposal seeks approval for the government for the demanded government property.


Sample Government Contract Proposal

The Childcare Foundation has been associated with social services and welfare of children for the past twelve years; we have many schools and orphanage homes at various parts of United States but lack a college for providing complete education to the underprivileged individuals.


Name of the NGO Demanding the Land: The Childcare Foundation humbly demands a land of two acres from the United States Government for constructing a Graduation College.


Purpose: This College will be constructed with the sole purpose of providing education to the underprivileged with minimal cost. The concerned educational institute will be aligned with the NGO’s motto that quality education is priceless.


Benefit of the Government from this Deal: The foundation will not be able to pay the government the actual land price but will be able to give $ 50,000 as a token and mark of respect and gratitude towards the government. The college will be a government college and in a broader way help in the upliftment of the underprivileged which forms a deprived section of the United States of America and help in the progress of the nation.


Scheduled Date for Commencement of the Plan: 1st, August, 2011


Scheduled Date for Reply to this Proposal: 1st, June, 2011.