A government employment proposal is a document which is prepared by a candidate hoping to secure a government job, and it includes details of his academic and relevant professional skills which will determine the outcome of his application. A government employment proposal must be impressive, as the competition for government jobs is fierce in any country. It must be carefully written and to the point.

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Sample Government Employment Proposal:

Government Employment Proposal

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Name of candidate: Mr. Marshall Rogers

Date of birth: 13th June 1978

Post applied for: Director General of National State Library

Academic qualifications:

  • Obtained D.Litt. in English Literature from Oxford University in 2003
  • Obtained M.Litt. In English Literature from Oxford University in 2001
  • Obtained M.A. in English Literature from University of Durham in 1999
  • Obtained diploma in Library Science from University of Durham in 1997 along with a degree in English Literature from Durham in 1997.

Professional skills:

  • Have handled the chair of assistant general manager of this prestigious library for over two years and is well versed in the manner in which the library is run.
  • Have been part of the mentor committee set up to restore the New York State Library in 2011.
  • Have handled many government jobs dealing extensively with the digitization of libraries and their overall maintenance and upkeep.

Salary expected: $5000000 per month along with benefits.

Current position: I am currently employed as the assistant general manager of the National State Library.

Contact number: 24748757

Address: 45 New Road, New York