A government grant proposal is an address to the government of a country or state for the funding of a particular project of national or communal interest. It involves a correct and comprehensive presentation of the pros and cons of the project for which grant is being sought.

Sample Government Grant Proposal

Project: Securing of grants for the addition of a new library to the Department of English Studies (DES) in the University of Minnesota.

The need for a new library: The existing library of the department, though well stocked and efficiently run, is facing a massive space crunch. The consignment of new books, ordered by the university as well as received through donations by the American Library, has yet to be accommodated within the confines of the existing library.

Benefits: The new library will not only solve the problem of space, it will also have a more updated system of catalogues and arrangements. The systems of OPAC and online catalogues, present in the current library, will be a feature of the new library as well. We can accommodate more students in the new library as well as order more books without worrying about space.

Cost: The approximate cost for the building of this new library is $100000. A detailed breakup of costs has been enclosed with this proposal.

Capital accrued: We have already received grants from the American Library as well as from the ex-students of the department, to the tune of around $30000.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Harold James

Head of Department


University of Minnesota