Government project proposal is issued by government agencies when they plan to implement a new project. This kind of proposal should be framed with conciseness, yet must have a business approach.

Sample Government Project Proposal

Prepared by: Ministry of Transport

United States of America

Intended clients: Airport constructors

Proposal objective:

We are planning to increase the air navigation as the air routes are preferred by most of the citizens for travelling short or long distances. We are planning to start a new project of airport construction at the area of Greenfield. This would increase the country’s air traffic with its neighboring countries. Apart from that, it would have space for sheltering or landing more than 50 domestic flights.

Plans for the new airport project:

  • The air security will be strengthened as because this location is near to border of various other countries.
  • Services of almost all the airlines would be available from this airport- be it international or domestic flights.
  • A well skilled team of maintenance engineers would be recruited.
  • All the services like taxiways, airbuses etc will be available.
  • Sophisticated and spacious runways would be build in order to give ample spaces to the flights to run before taking off in the air.
  • Even surveillance systems would also be fixed up around the airport for ensuring passengers safety.

Estimated Budget: $250000 Approximately

Implementation Time: Maximum 1 year

Last date of proposal acceptance: 6th July 2011

Kindly note contract would be given on the basis of first come first serve.