The government proposal Consulting are created for the government by public or private firms in order to confirm a consulting contract for a particular project. The document highlights the skills that will make the consultant firm an apt choice and also emphasizes the different ways in which the government project will be approached. The proposal must be created with careful consideration to the necessary details.

Sample Government Proposal Consulting

The following Government Proposal Consultants has been created for the State government of California

Name of Consultant Firm: Theo Consultations Ltd

Date of submission of proposal: 5th October, 2012

Aim of Government Proposal Consultants:

  • Theo Consultations Ltd would like to offer their services to the State Government of California for the implementation of new marketing resolutions for private business sectors.
  • The firm will help strategizing effective market policies that will ensure that the policies are followed and abided by.
  • Proper market analysis will also be conducted by the highly qualified researchers for the State Government of California

Estimated Fund required: $3.4 million

Estimated time for implementation: 6 months


  • The State Government has decided to put a check on the growing demands of the private sectors by issuing new taxes and regulations.
  • The public sector companies have been suffering for the past decade and will be provided with adequate funding.
  • Theo Consultations Ltd will assist in choosing the right strategies and policies that will achieve the above.

Theo Consultations Ltd requests an approval by the 7th November, 2012