The government proposal coordinator is created for the purpose of seeking employment within the government for proposal management and development. This document highlights the role and responsibilities that can be undertaken by the firm or individual seeking employment. This can be for a temporary period relating to a specific government proposal and hence, will be on a contract basis or it could be an application for a permanent positions. The proposal must have the adequate information necessary for this area.

Sample Government Proposal Coordinator:

The following Government Proposal Coordinator has been formulated by Michika Management Co.

Government Proposal Coordinator for: State Government of Kentucky

Date of submission of proposal: 5th February, 2012

Proposal for: Planning and Management of New Immigration Policies

Coordinator Contract timeline: 2 years

Purpose: State Government of Kentucky has decided to revise and create new policies for immigrants settling in the state. Michika Management Co can help provide the proper development strategies that will ensure an effective implementation of the government plans.

Areas to be covered:

  • A new question format will be created for those immigrants seeking residence in Kentucky, U.S. This will include both multiple and essay type questions.
  • Revised legal and penal policies will be introduced to control and check the increasing number of illegal immigrants.
  • A request for approval will be sent to The White House for implementation of the policies.

Aims: Michika Management Co will help in proper coordination and management of these immigration policies, once approved.

A request for approval is called for by 5th March, 2012.