A government proposal cover letter contains specific details of a government-aided project that is needed to be conducted for the benefit of the citizens of the State or the nation as a whole and a brief note regarding why the proposal has to be taken into consideration by the intended audience. The proposal cover letter should be so constructed that it redirects the intended reader towards the actual proposal effectively. It has to be documented clearly yet with a presentable approach so that it becomes effective in grabbing the attention of the reader at first-glance.

Sample Government Proposal Cover Letter:


The Head

U.S Education Board Council

Date: 19th October, 2011

Sub: Proposal for helping High School Education

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that the U.S Government is pleased to declare its new scheme of activity concerning the high school students. The government has decided to conduct a thorough survey of all schools under the council and record the areas that need developments. We will arrange for required amenities, laboratory equipments, books and other study materials, etc. as required by the respective institution. New staff and faculty members will be appointed after a thorough teacher-induction process and an official interview, to ensure that the best teachers are involved in the mission of creating the best citizens for future America. Training sessions will also be held to guide the students effectively. Practical methods of imparting knowledge will be incorporated at the high-school level. We will also provide all the requirements for the “green extension programme”, to beautify school surroundings and also provide students with enough play areas.

The entire process of renovating and improving the education structure at the high school level will involve an approximate amount of $235000. Above all, we need complete and true co-operation from all the members of the board and all schools, to help us in conducting the survey properly, thereby enabling us to take proper action at the earliest.

Thanking You

Joseph Mark

Government Officer

Education Department