Government proposal format is a guideline directing the writing of a proposal in order to secure a government approval or grant. Because government approvals or grants come with a lot of credibility and security, they are highly difficult to source. Hence a government proposal format must be very impressive and attractive.

Sample Government Proposal Format

RFP number:

Proposal given by: (Fill in the requisite details)

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a government proposal must include details of how the agency or company came to know about the RFP. It must outline the nature of the agency, its functions aims and objectives. The agency must stress its respect and adherence to government laws including the payment of taxes at the proper intervals or prior government accreditation. It must ensure clarity and transparency in these matters.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of a government proposal must outline the benefits of the project for which approval is being sought. It must ensure that all factors of doubts are cleared and that strict government norms with regards to matters like pollution, economic zones, rehabilitation of displaced populace etc., are taken into account and all misgivings cleared.

Third paragraph: The issue of funding must be discussed as well in the concluding section. If the proposal requires government approval then sources of capital must be mentioned. The reasons for the synergy and similarity in outlook between the two must be stressed as it can lead to the granting of funds or a seal of approval from the government.

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